AgeJET represents the latest advancement in plasma skin regeneration, a new approach to skincare that uses the unique capabilities of nitrogen gas to induce a controlled thermal injury deep within the skin layers. This innovative process is particularly notable for preserving the skin’s outer layer and stimulating natural healing, allowing new, healthier skin to emerge over approximately ten days. AgeJET is renowned for its effectiveness in addressing a range of skin conditions, such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and skin laxity, as well as its remarkable capacity to safely treat the eyelids, hands, décolletage, and neck. Furthermore, AgeJET’s safety profile and minimal recovery time appeal to individuals seeking cosmetic improvements with fewer associated risks. Its precision in targeting specific skin concerns and its ability to enhance various body areas set AgeJET apart as a versatile and reliable option for those looking to improve their appearance.

Smooch Aesthetics offers AgeJet—an ideal treatment for decreasing signs of aging, improving skin texture, and diminishing acne scars. Results appear within weeks of treatment and continue progressing, leaving you with long-lasting rejuvenation. To experience AgeJet’s impressive effects, book your consultation with Smooch Aesthetics today.

(Cost $799 to $1700. Package of three available).

Benefits of AgeJet


Anyone seeking to improve skin texture, reduce signs of aging, or diminish acne scars is a good candidate for AgeJet. 

Results can be seen within weeks of treatment and will continue progressing in the following months.

The results from AgeJet are long-lasting, with the exact duration varying depending on the individual’s skin condition and lifestyle. 

AgeJet involves light to moderate downtime with minimal side effects, providing a safe and effective treatment process. 

Consult a skincare pro before pursuing AgeJet treatment. Be sure to follow pre and post-treatment advice: keep yourself and your skin well hydrated, and shield your skin from the sun.

During the AgeJet treatment, clients can expect a comfortable experience with minimal downtime. The device uses nitrogen plasma to deoxygenate the surface tissue, resulting in a beautiful glow as the healthy underlying skin is revealed.


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